Shelly be de Bonte Labradoodle – our first breeding female. He has been with us since 2017. She came from the Netherlands from De Bonte Labradoodle kennel. He is an amazing dog, very friendly, cheerful and intelligent. As a mother of puppies, she is exceptionally caring. Szajba’s puppies are cheerful, balanced dogs, looking at people.

Shelma Crazydog – our second breeding female. She is balanced and delicate. Such a lady among our girls with a very developed maternal instinct. It has a beautifully twisted fleece. She is sociable, cheerful and learns very quickly. She is jumpy and very fast. Shelma puppies are very cheerful, carefree, do not show anxiety, socialize very well

Furia Crazydog – the third of our breeding bitches. A wonderful, affectionate, incredibly patient girl. She is cheerful, always ready to play, loves walks and races. This year she will undergo reproductive testing.

Frajda Crazydog – fourth of our breeding females. Mini labradoodle version. A real fun for those around you. Always happy, always eager to play, beautiful, chocolate female. It weighs only 8 kg. She was born in August 2020. It does not allow boredom at home. Breeding research is still ahead of her.

Kiwi– female from the forest. Found as a puppy in 2016. A herd guide, wise and balanced. Always on guard of order. She socializes puppies of her companions beautifully.